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Consolidating your debt, in most circles, denotes taking out another loan to pay debt you already owe. Doesn’t make much sense, does it? Introducing Debt Counselling and Debt Review – allowing you to consolidate your debt into a monthly debit, removing the risk associated with concurrent loans.

Debt Counselling and Debt Review will provide you with the tools to tackle your debt head-on. Although whilst being under debt review, you will no longer get access to new credit, this is not the stumbling block it might seem. It is purposely created in the system to provide a dual protective purpose: the consumer, from becoming further indebted, and the Credit Providers from “reckless lending”.

Why you should opt for Debt Review:

–       Credit providers no longer have the authority to pin any assets or take further legal action, providing the Debt Counsellor’s decision as to whether you are actually “Over-Indebted” or not. Should you be considered as “Over-Indebted”, you will continue to be under debt review until your debt is settled.

–       No black mark against your name! Permanent records of being under debt review are not stored on any Consumer Credit Bureau Data Base.

–       Simpler financial management and reduced banking fees! One monthly payment towards your debt is facilitated through one distribution agency.

–       Never pay more towards your debt than you can afford! Your Debt Counsellor will assist in organising your income to fit your monthly obligations (such as food, school fees, transport costs, etc.). The remainder of that will then go towards satisfying your debt.

–       Your Debt Counsellor will be your negotiator! Creditors are more likely to respond optimistically to a Debt Counsellor than to a consumer regarding repayment negotiations.

–       Cut costs! Your Debt Counsellor will be able to recommend the best ways for you to start saving money.

–       Stress free! Knowing you are working in tandem with your Debt Counsellor in solving your financial setbacks will create less anxiety for yourself.

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